July 30, 2021

Are We Recognising the Rise of Global Warming in Our Oceans?

Rachel Hilston

Ocean Fades, 2021

I created this outfit to raise awareness into the rising issue of global warming, in particular the issue of coral bleaching. Researching into marine life, I watched documentaries and researched further, to gain more insight on how I could translate this issue into a design. Their is a lack of understanding of coral bleaching, as it is an issue that isn’t visible to the eye, but hidden. Coral bleaching is when the ecosystem of coral reefs are destroyed. The lively bright coral, then turns transparent and white. Experimenting with ice dye and patchwork to a create contrasting outfit, I kept this concept in mind throughout the design process. I wanted to make a statement, capturing peoples attention and curiosity. Sparking a conversation, I want people to discuss and encourage awareness, to prevent losing our coral reefs and protect our ocean.