October 20, 2020

Are we really that fortunate to have access to so much information online?

Katelyn Tuach

The Internet Can Get Lost, 2020

From a young age we all learn the dangers of the internet. “Don’t talk to strangers online”, Don’t give away any personal information” “Don’t click on any dodgy looking notifications”. We have it drilled into us. Over and over again. But who’s there to teach us the other, less spoke about risks found on the never ending web? Fake information. Misread information. Missed out information. We read through websites and stories, convincing ourselves that every word we read must be true, filling our heads with incorrect facts, statements and rumours. We freak out over them, worry ourselves because we just don’t know any better. We create opinions and change our mindsets due to something we’ve read online. Argue our points, regardless of the uncertainty or the precariousness of the facts we claim are true. It is time these silent internet issues are addressed out in the open which brings me to my expository essay: “The Internet Can Get Lost”. An essay written to raise awareness of the sheer chaos information online can cause, questioning whether or not we are really that fortunate to have access to all the internet has to offer.