October 28, 2019

Are we really that different?

Susan Lyons, 55

I wrote this poem as part of a Highlands and Islands Migrant and Refugee Advocacy Alliance (HIMRA) project which encouraged people to think about the movement of people. Today migration is too often a word to be sneered at, to be derided and used as a political tool for the worst of reasons. Migrant is description that suggests someone different or strangely foreign. And yet many of us have a story of movement – movement between towns or cities, between rural and urban places or between countries. Whilst all these stories are different, they are often linked by emotions – fear, uncertainty – dreams of sanctuary from something or hopes of something better, and a need to belong. These emotions connect us and sharing our experiences can help us to look differently at the ideas of movement and migration. My story is a little story – not grand or shocking – but an ordinary story of movement and in its ordinariness, I hope it highlights the similarities between people all across the world rather than their differences, and in doing that helps to creates a space where compassion can grow

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