July 29, 2020

“ … — … “ Are we really going back to “normal”?

Hania Smith

Mixed MediumSea levels rising!, 202040 x 43 cm

Morse code was the original text message, an internationally understood and fast communication method in times of emergencies. This is an SOS, a plea to stand together and help stop the destruction of our planet. Pollution and climate change IS the emergency and we are well warned. Your future is on the line. My Morse code symbols communicate – Sea levels rising! My pieces are 2020 calendars, a cancelled year. My Vibrant colours scream ‘emergency’! The threat of COVID-19 is (hopefully!) temporary, however extreme weather, sea levels rising and prolonged droughts will remain for decades and will require constant action. Many people across the world retreated into radically different lives during the lockdown. The desire to stay safe created some dramatic and sustainable behaviour changes. Living locally has led to the biggest carbon crash ever recorded. The world has changed around us. Spending time at home, furloughed or working, we now see how much energy we use, how much we consume and waste. My hope is that we can all look for the ‘new normal’ to be a continued change, a change in attitude and behaviour.