Acrylic Paint on WoodIs It Really What You This It Is?, 202236cm x 22 cm x 4cm

This artwork is interactive, made using wood and acrylic to reach down into everyones inner child and tease the sense of wonder and adventure we have inside. The wooden blocks are intentionally reminiscent of a wooden shape sorter you would have used as a young child or toddler ,even sound like them, it is often little ones who are seeing this weird and wonderful world for the first time as something new and exciting. The shapes are taken from everyday objects and places such as the side of a chair or a chocolate bar, my intention is to show the viewer the world in a different light, in doing so my hope is that they find a sense of appreciation in the little or big mundane everyday items or places and question them with a sense of novelty and play allowing room for the usually routine and ordinary to become wonder-filled and extraordinary.