January 31, 2019

Are we really alone when we have memories?

Fraser Stokes, 22

‘Hamish’ is a glimpse into the life of a lonely traveller who journeys each day in isolation. He has lost the one person in his life he adored…his lover. All he has left to remember them by is a letter they had written. It may be hard to bring back memories but it may also be the only thing to help feel less alone.

The performance explores the idea that although someone is in complete isolation, they can still have a glimmer of hope when they are surrounded with beautiful memories. The audience is taken into the world of Hamish and is allowed to experience empathy as they too may have to endure feelings of isolation one day. Nobody should feel alone. We all have hope.

Hamish also shows us how painful it can be bringing up the past. Struggling at first to bring himself to read the letter of the one he loved he plunges into a world of memories. Only then he realises he is not alone and he can finally read the letter.