April 29, 2020

Are We Ready To Find Peace?

Maura McRobbie

WritingAre We Ready To Find Peace?, 2020

Peace is what we all look for, it’s how we all want to spend our final days here on earth, in peace. To rest in peace, to attain the divine, perhaps even eternal life or eternal rest In these Covid times, when death is becoming more and more of a companion and indeed a certainty, how do we ensure that we truly find peace? A peace that endures life’s trials, and that takes us fully charged and prepared into eternity? I was motivated to write this story when I read the letter my mother had asked to be buried with her. So what did the letter contain, and what was within it that compelled me to visit the shores of Mullaghmore in Ireland where the letter had been written? And what did I find in Mullaghmore? It’s strange how a landscape or an energy can affect the course of your life. And the shores of Mullaghmore had truly charged Maureen and Jack with a life-affirming force that had propelled them peacefully to eternity.