January 31, 2020

Are we permanently stained?

Anna Dittmann

DigitalAre we permanently stained?, 2013

Few relationships are as unhealthy as humans and their sea. Controlling but not caring, taking but not giving. Three quarters of the earth’s surface is covered by water, home to billions of creatures. The sea produces over half our oxygen, and regulates our climate. More than half our bodies are made of water. There is no life without it. So why are we condemning our oceans to an oily, plastic death? And when will it be too late until we have sealed our own fate? Mother nature is crying, tarnished, dying, choking. I have always lived near a coast, and draw so much of my inspiration from aquatic imagery. The beauty and mystery continuously moves me. The water and its wildlife must remain healthy, continuing to inspire and sustain. No ocean is vast enough for the spills, leaks, and pollution that occur every minute. While some stains are irreversible, perhaps we can wash away bad habits and policies before it’s too late.