January 5, 2020

Are we limited by our age?

Alexander Frew, 61

The reason for entering this story is because I happen to think that after a certain age, people in our society are undervalued. The elderly are not one homogeneous whole, and just because a person gets old this this does not mean that they suddenly transform into a whole different individual who has little to contribute either in their own life or to society. I like to write for older characters because I feel that they have short shrift in any type of fiction that you care to name, and for a society that has an ageing population, this is an oversight that has not been addressed. The other thing I feel, is that the older you get the more you can see the consequences that occur when you take certain actions. This is a story about consequences and why we should all stop fooling ourselves. In the story I also write about the fact that being old is not something we should dread. We’re all going to get there so we might as well get used to the idea.

An unexpected Turn, 2019Prose