January 25, 2019

Are we just a sum of all of our parts?

Emily Kelly


Who we are and where we come from. Where our youth blends into our now and how much of that we keep with us – which of our parts. I think it’s important to think back to what made us who we are, because that’s where all of our inspiration first came from. I think we should look back to when we first started developing hobbies and interests and individual thoughts, because uninhibited ideas come from young people. If we can tap back into that part of us, keep it with us, then we have an endless flow of potential and ideas and hope. Our young days are where we first started being us. It is important not to forget where our loves came from. It’s how you keep the love alive.


I’m just chasing whatever idea floats around my head as they come – trying to make all of my ideas into something, so please bear with me.