Video of songHope, 2020

I wrote this in the middle of the pandemic. I am 16 and when covid happened, like so many teenagers I was studying for my exams.

I had to do the rest of my learning at home and my results were based on what I had done over the year. I feel like no-one really considered us (young people). The press was full of information but nothing directed at us and no-one asked us; ‘How do you feel?’ Or ‘What do you think?’.

I think it’s odd that our feelings and opinions don’t seem to matter when we are supposed to be the future of the country. I wondered, ‘Are we invisible?’ and I knew other young people who were feeling the same.

I wanted to let them know that they were not alone. I wanted to share the message that, even though we may all be feeling invisible and unheard, there is still hope for our future and we can ‘burn bright again’. With the schools now closed once more, exams cancelled and a rise in suicides, I feel my question and my message is more important now than ever.