Wood,Chain,videoUntitled, 2020300 x 61 cm

This artwork is my representation of how we are influenced by other factors in our lives, such as people we meet, social media, work, love and family. I feel we are always being influenced and tested in our busy life’s that we don’t realise it till it’s happening or it’s too late. Though not all influences are bad which makes this topic more complexed, we may meet or do something that changes us for the better than the worse, or the other way around. The marks I have made I feel are the effects on a person’s physical, emotional and mental health and each board has a different pattern as the we are affected in different ways, I also question do we end up doing it again or do we learn from it? If you changed for the better would ever change back? Do we know we’re being influenced and not do anything about it because we are scared? It seems I have opened more thoughts and questions as I have created this artwork and that the topic is not as simple as black and white.