February 1, 2020

Are we in perpetual altercations in order to make digital commercials run smoother?

Mark McGhee

Fetching Pitchfork, 2019

They discovered a narrow window, deep in the depth of a secret grey area where cleverly deployed loopholes started to distort my reflection through invisible wires that appear on my shiny screen that I gaze on like a trusty mirror. Their methods are functional and effective. They bombard me with curated content personalised for my own ego and offer me divisive articles that I love. I will burn my village to the ground in order to make the tribe, that I will never greet in the flesh, smile. I am being fed what my short term desires crave. A constant trickle of dopamine hits convincing my brain that I am correct in all matters of the everything. This is religion on stilts, spread thin but plunging deep across inner cities globally and we attack and scar anyone who dares to cross our path. Opposing views on timelines are framed by friends first. We laugh at their false world and empty words. We are the truth. Digital pitchforks for the rest. And If I ever get sad or scared then I simply click and consume. It’s functional and effective. After all , who else would want to divide us?