April 27, 2021

Are We Ignorant To The Pathetic Fallacy Created Between Our Mental Health And Our Childhood Surrounding?

Ciara Colthart

Poetry With Added Audio Sound ScapeStalker's Lament, 2021

Originally a piece dedicated to my relationship with my mother, I thought I would write a short, sweet sonnet on all we’d been through together. The more the piece came alive it was more about what we’d put each other through, as a single mother/eldest daughter relationship. As part of this mental health has always been a hereditary and taboo subject that not one member in our family can understand but each has a different way to describe. I moved to the Scottish Highlands at 10 years old already majorly struggling to find my own description of the war in my head. As I went through good and bad patches through the years, I realised I’d become just as unpredictable as my surroundings and the solutions weren’t long lasting. I truly believe the nature we immerse ourselves in as children connects with how we cope. In my generation poetry is an art form I think many believe they have to understand to know it when really, we just need to know how to appreciate it. That’s why I decided to combine my written poetry and spoken word with audio medias that help to accentuate the poetry’s beauty.