January 31, 2020

Are we going to take action?

Eva Magdić Govedarica | Gracie Shearer, 17 | Tom Macfadyen, 17

FilmPandora's box, 202016:9

At this point the lack of action from our government in the face of climate change is – quite frankly – unbelievable. The youth of today are giving up their education for their voices to be ignored. Changes that are being enacted are minimal and insignificant.
It seems, to us, that humanity is not only turning its back on the planet, but speeding up the process that we so direly need to fix.

The film explores the correlation between human activity and the current state of the earth and shines a light on our dangerous lack of action. By ignoring the impact we have on the world around us, by turning our back to the destruction that we are causing, we step closer and closer to turning out the light.

The film serves as a reminder that the rubbish is piling up and we will not be able to keep our eyes screwed shut for very much longer. The hope at the bottom of Pandora’s box cannot last forever. The viewer is forced to think – what are the consequences of our everyday wastefulness? And how long can we continue like this until there is nothing left to film?