November 4, 2020

Are We Going to Allow Developers and The Council to Destroy More of Our Woodlands and Green Spaces?

Margaret McMillan

Digital PhotographBeautiful Woodlands, 2020

Our green spaces and woodland which is vital for the environment and our mental and physical heath is under threat by greedy developers and the council. More greenbelt areas have been released and encroached upon for development. They seek a quick cash fix but don’t look at nor are interested in the longer term implications for the diversity of wildlife, trees, plants, air quality and wellbeing of the people who use these areas. Nor do they look at the long-term strains on the infrastructure such as doctors surgery’s, schools, roads, parking and all the other facilities that new developments demand. It is imperative that not only do we preserve our green spaces but maintain them for years to come. It is a great aid to help combat depression and get away from the built up and noisy areas. Scotland is beautiful and is world renown for it’s green spaces and scenery. Let’s keep it that way.