January 28, 2022

Are We Ever Truly Ready to Move On?

Kelly Buchan

PoetryDon't Ask The Moon, 2021

Working as a spiritual healer over the last few years has really opened my eyes to the way in which we humans deal with pain, healing, and consequent transmutation. This piece speaks of an emotional state that isn’t always considered or discussed, the feeling of wanting to move on from a lost love, but simply not having the strength within to open up and start again.

Often, energetic healing happens in layers. Too often, we can flit between relationships without giving any thought as to whether or not our hearts can withstand yet another beating. Time and again, I see the same story repeated within my client readings. The idea of being alone is terrifying for many people, but allowing our broken hearts to recover from heartache is one of the kindest self care practices we can undertake. “Don’t Ask The Moon” speaks of the importance of respecting the heart and caring for it appropriately. Even in the face of the unknown.