July 7, 2020

Are we ever truly free?

Fiona Wilson

Oil on canvas panelTime to Dream, 202040 x 40cm

We have all suffered many months of isolation, held captive in our own homes through fear of painful death by COVID-19. We are trapped on social media, our only connection with the world, rife with written angst the news showing the littering and disrespect of nature, the destruction of history and division of cultures. I am losing faith in the human race and negative thoughts are circling my mind like vultures over a rotting corpse. The medieval folk song ‘Die gedanken sind frie’ (Our thoughts are Free) was banned by the Nazis as it’s words promote a feeling of determination and resilience to survive though imprisoned, by escaping with our minds. One translation described thoughts like nocturnal flowers floating into the night. Dandelion clocks were perfect, first because of their name plays on the idea of time, and also that they look like stars in the night, beautiful yet fragile, waiting to be picked up and carried away by a gentle breeze that transports them to a better place or time where they can set seed and grow again. My painting shows a woman who has found stillness and hope within. Do you think true freedom of thought is possible?