Mixed Media, PaintOutside in, 2020Various

The walls we build around ourselves are both varied and complex. Some are necessary, providing shelter from cold winds, others less literal yet arguably more necessary still, as they protect us from the rigors of life in the 21st century. My work aims to understand the affects of our continued, and perhaps increasing, distance from the outside world, by literally, and figuratively, drawing on these walls. Using demolished building materials – old skirting boards, plaster boards, floor boards and other ‘ex-walls’, I paint landscapes based on my memories of an outside place, an experience, a feeling or a connection, most often with nature but sometimes the built city environment. I wonder whether there will be a time when all memories of the outside world are restricted to the creative process, a time when the mind is the only escape from the walls we have built. How does someone paint the sea they’ve never seen, the wind they’ve never felt or the woods they’ve never smelt? And, perhaps more importantly, will they try? I certainly hope so.