January 23, 2019

Are we enslaved to the ‘daily grind’?

JJ Hay, 19

Wake up, get dressed, have breakfast, go to work, work, lunch, work, home, eat, sleep, repeat. Everyday in the western world we continue this routine, day in day out, we perpetually participate in what is known as the ‘daily grind’. However, to what extent are we enslaved to it?
From even before the Victorian era the working world has relied on the outlined routine and with the introduction of the factories during the Industrial Revolution people’s lives were dictated by the ringing of a bell. The introduction of universal schooling only exemplified this. From and to classes and recreation and onto work all were and still are signified by the sound of the bell.
This practice continued throughout the 20th century (almost minus the bells) and still exists in today’s society. An almost monotonous routine essential in the industrial era which is now ingrained into everyday life. A never-ending cycle we continue to walk, barely deviating from the path forced upon us.
These images capture the commute to and from work, one that millions make in Britain every day.