January 31, 2020

Are we destroying the natural world and with it ourselves?

Hope Carolan, 22

David Attenborough said coral reefs could be dead within 80 years due to environmental pollution and human ‘maltreatment of the oceans.’ I wanted to explore the idea of our future coral reefs through creating a coral reef inspired environment, specifically looking at the issue of coral bleaching and water pollution. My future coral reef has overtime adapted to human impact and has begun to resemble and replicate all the rubbish in the ocean. The environment is mostly white with only a few coloured sculptures, trying to show lack of life. The few spots of colour are beacons of hope that if action is taken now perhaps there could be a better future for the coral reefs and our oceans. I chose to use plastics, metals, cotton buds and cigarette filters to create forms inspired by coral. These materials are common pollutants in the sea which affect the recovery of coral reefs from bleaching. In addition, these materials relate to the body to show the link of human impact on the condition of our oceans. It is not the environment it is our environment, as David Attenborough points out, “We are destroying the natural world, and with it ourselves.”

HDPE, 2018Sculpture-cigarette filters, cotton buds, straws, cocktail sticks, bathmats, expanding foam and pinsDiameter 120 cm, Height approx. 60 cm