March 17, 2019

Are we destroying our planet?

Rhianne Lauren Goldie, 24

Apathy is destroying our oceans. Last year, eight million tonnes of plastic – a number set to increase tenfold should action not be taken – was dumped in our oceans. This poisonous epidemic is devastating not only our marine life but our future on the planet. Action must be taken.

Fishing for Plastic aims to raise awareness of the devastation caused by plastic pollution on our oceans through the creation of body-adorning textiles, which have been innovatively transformed and up-cycled from single-use plastics.

Inspiration is taken from organic forms and structures found deep within the ocean. The shimmering textures and reflective surfaces of aquatic life are reflected through material and textile processes. This particular piece has been created from milk cartons that have been laser-cut and fused together using a heat-press.


Fishing for Plastic
Model: Anna
Laser-cut milk cartons, fused using heat-press.