July 22, 2020

Are we cosmic eggs?

Donna Milne

PaintingAre we cosmic eggs?,

My work has been exploring the Hindu concept of Brahmanda. The Brahmanda Purana is an ancient religious text that explores many existential and spiritual questions, one being the concept of the cosmic egg. The cosmic egg is a concept originating in the Purana and points to a singularity, an oscillating universe that lovingly and gently expands, containing all of existence, sun, moon and stars (and us) I am interested in these ideas, of formless energy with a childlike curiosity as to how all this magic manifested. In these difficult times i think the world needs simple beauty, hope and deep spiritual connection. My work hopes to address themes of love, vibration of colour and how this relates to our emotions and sense of beauty, simplicity and our place in the universe.