January 30, 2020

Are we connected to everything through geological time, space and the natural environment?

Jennifer Argo

Illustration (Graphite)Celestial Planes, 201348 x 48 cm

By illustrating forms that we recognise as a part of our own biological make-up, which are also ubiquitous throughout nature, I hope to reignite a connection to the broader natural environment that we are a part of. Through illustration, photography and sculpture, I document geological, botanical and biological formations and networks, as a metaphor for community and our part within geological time and the natural environment. I create work that examines interconnected, mutually supportive and adaptive systems in the natural world in the hope that we develop stronger interconnected communities. I am also interested in how we can draw inspiration from the natural systems for a more sustainable future, creating closed cycles of resource management, stronger, more durable structures in the built environment, and resilient, self-sufficient communities that work together, on local and global basis, as we face global environmental challenges. I also create outdoors installations that encourage communal activity and engagement with natural environments.