July 2, 2019

Are we brave enough to give up routine?

Rhiannon Fagan, 17

“Cold Water” questions why, as a society we conform and follow routine. The body’s natural reaction to cold water is actually detrimental to survival and so to is the majority outlook on life. Gallup estimates up to 85% of people hate their jobs yet refuse to leave. “Cold Water” questions the sacrifice of happiness for security, attempting to reveal our “survivalist” mentality is in fact severely damaging. Manchester university concluded staying in a job you hate is more mentally damaging than unemployment. Thus our need for financial security and need to appear to meet societal standards, as perpetuated by social media, is impacting our health.

Mental illness is becoming an increasingly more acceptable topic of conversation, but rarely is our own responsibility in maintaining our mental health discussed. “Cold Water” aims to explore how the idea of routine and security is not tantamount to good mental health when routine equates to committing yourself to unhappiness. “Cold Water” implicates every unhappy employee and asks them to question the cost of financial security over their whole life, suggesting for many unhappiness is a choice borne out of fear of risk.