January 30, 2021

Are We Brave Enough To Deal With The Underlying Causes Of Our Suffering?

Pip Denham

Sculpture/Painting Hybrid'War Meds I', 2019

In Our Desire For Protection And Preservation We Are Killing Ourselves. Do We Just Want The Pain To Go Away Or Are We Brave Enough To Deal With The Underlying Causes Of Our Suffering?

I have chosen to use the trope of ‘easy and convenient medication’ alongside the violent consequences of human conflict, currently kept alive through the business of war.

Whether we enter this work via the Red Glass Capsule, provoking thoughts of medical placebos, Big Pharma’s monetisation of health, or we approach it through the encapsulated ‘War’ painting, with correlative thoughts of political placebos, the World Arms Trade with its attending ‘collateral damage’ – Either way, this is not an ambiguous artwork. It is the unequivocal Bitter Pill.

In my presentation of this work, I want the viewer to be left in no doubt that it is talking to them singularly and directly. Over the years we have all had to deal with the ‘inoculation to conflict’, slowly built up in our living rooms, through the many images of suffering observed through a ‘once removed’ screen. This has led to an understandable desensitisation and a reluctant apathy. Beyond its medicative effects is a voice of hope that continues to ask,

“Do we ‘just’ want the pain to go away?” I can think of nothing more important than to question the status quo and offer robust hope in an age of uncertain platitudes.