October 31, 2019

Are we ‘Bottle Fed’ our whole lives?

Douglas Hamilton

Graphic Design / social commentBOTTLE FED SINCE 1892, 201971x100cm x3 images


Mmmmm. I want some coke…I need it… I want it. Give me America and the American dream. Put Trump on TV every evening at 6. Put Trump on again later with a slightly new mix. Show me America every f^*king day. Tell me what wars they want and who to hate today, is it a Mexican, a black man or someone who is gay? Is it Assad, Putin, Maduro or Xi. Tell me Trump’s crazy then tell me they’re great. Keep me confused – ‘cos I don’t know. But wherever I am I see U….S…and…A….Don’t they know I’m not interested because I live in Fife?…Eh? Gimme some Coke and I’ll watch the Oscars while they tell me how tae live ma f*^ked life.

I hope if you read the text above ‘the underlying values and message’ should be clear but I guess that’s up to the reader.