PaperAre We Bonding?, 2020A4

After completing this artwork of Sean Connery, I accepted my bond with the pencil and paper! Before hand was a different story, Mostly as i wanted to create something that showed the diversity of my work in regards to skin texture, Expression and detail, Still Room for progression, I wanted to find a face that matched my culture, Drawing 2 versions of Sean Connery was to communicate his history as a Scottish person but also to test my own skill when working with a pencil in relation to drawing age in diversity. With a few hours of studying his face and taking in his facial detail and not overthinking i let the pencil do the work! The bond with my art is getting stronger with each portrait, With a little concentration, Practice, time, Criticism and an open mind. I kept telling myself ‘If you don’t try You don’t get by” With no pressure it really changed my way of working. All i had was A4 paper and a 2h Pencil, I also felt using a subject you feel passionate about, and you can’t not be passionate about Sean Connery! Really enjoyed the process of this and hope to do more!