December 30, 2018

Are we always alone?

Magnus Tait Westwell


‘O Magnum Mysterium’ explores personal relationships – their unpredictability, beauty, and ultimately, their vulnerability.

In the first section, I wanted to explore the youthful interplay between gentleness and exploration in the relationship between two male dancers, and to create a beauty, delicacy and intricacy to their movements. I want the audience to feel their resistance and anger against society, and what has been gained through this resistance – a way of knowing each other that is clearly beautiful to them. This tenderness is disrupted when other forces become involved – the relationships become complicated, and the choreography explores themes of manipulation and desire. ‘O Magnum Mysterium’ asks whether this beautifully haunting nature of love can carry us through the pressures of society. Three contrasting pieces of music have been chosen to reflect very different images of vulnerability.

My aim is to present a feeling to the audience, rather than a statement.


O Magnum Mysterium
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