July 25, 2019

Are we all just well-oiled machines or are we capable of personal existence?

Neil Kellas, 25

In the ever-growing, fast past world of today, it seems that the more we develop technologically and economically the less time we have to be human. The term freedom is taking on new constraints and boundaries, are we ever clear of our own thoughts and the thoughts of others? It is important that we stay grounded in ourselves as humans and take the time to explore our emotional needs and desires, we are not machines. This is a piece of work that reflects on my mediation that is skateboarding and the experience of interpreting public space and everyday objects such as bench’s and rubbish bins etc. into a blank canvas for personal creation and freedom.

"plt", 2019Acrylic, Oil, Pastel, Spray Paint on Paper56 x 76 cm