July 28, 2021

Are we all human, or are we all ‘The Others’?

Iain Mackechnie

Recorded VideoThe Others, 2021

The Others: Working in collaboration with Scottish musicians and those from a refugee background, and immigrant communities, to create new compositions, drawing on each other’s culture and musical influences. Our value is to seek understanding of the diversity that exists within Scottish culture, through music, in a way that is inclusive and engaging, can break down barriers and help build an understanding between different communities. For over 40 years, I have explored music from around the world, initially by listening, and then through studying and playing different styles. While learning from ‘others’ I have come to question my perception of what makes ‘The Other’, their culture, music, values etc, and have come to the realisation that I am also ‘The Other’. But fundamentally, we are all human. Music can invoke the same feelings and emotions, the language and form may be different, but we can come to enjoy that difference. We can come to recognise the similarities and then communicate together, creatively reaching a new understanding, and – by coming together – find harmony in our local and international communities. This is an important issue, and we feel we can communicate on multiple levels, in a way that is that is moving, exciting and reflective.