June 19, 2021

Are We All Desperately Seeking, Is This Part of the Human Condition?

Sophie Fordyce

Mixed MediaSearch for it in vain, 2021A5 multiples

The need for satisfaction, the desire to feel complete. Maybe there are those that find satisfaction with the life of the everyday, but was this attained without any prior soul searching? Do we eventually come full circle to understand that to just be, is possibly enough? My most recent selection of creations explores a need for belonging and connection, a way to gain attachment by finding a link… or is this link fabricated, forced into compatibility? Is this just another ruse to conjure up meaning? We often pose questions or statements such as, “Isn’t life great?”, with that subtle hint of sarcasm or woe, my work aims to challenge this earthly perspective with a view through the lens of hope, that this wholeness is here, we exist within it, if we only open our eyes. Much of these works and collages were produced during the lockdown of 2020, coming from a place and time in which I needed to regain some aspect of control, to do so I utilised collage to build up from the fragments and create a shelter, a safe space, a den where I could weave narratives and tell stories to help me sleep at night.