July 23, 2021

Are We All Born with a Survival Instinct?

Joe Dunn

PhotographyAre We All Born with a Survival Instinct?, 2021

Coming across a tiny cluster in a small garden tree, I tried to blow it away only for the cluster to ‘explode’ and reveal itself to be tiny baby spiders. I found this fascinating that a species so young already has this ‘survival’ instinct to come apart and then huddling back through their own communication that the danger has passed. I found that when they’re ready to leave, they leave separately on their own journey. It is something I’ve thought about a long time but didn’t witness it until now, that most species are born with a instinct to survive, working together to ride through any danger that poses to them, I am intrigued to find out about this, by observing various species through photography.