January 31, 2022

Are We ‘Absent Minded’ Rather Than ‘Mindful’?

Kelsey Todd

Acrylic Paint On CanvasAre We ‘Absent Minded’ Rather Than ‘Mindful’?, 46x61cm

How many hours do we waste on social media and how much time do we actually spend living in the present moment?

So very often when I’m down at the beach enjoying watching a sunset or wildwater swimmers laughing in the waves, I look around and see people on their phones texting or scrolling, even the dog walkers forget to enjoy the walk as they fix their eyes on the screen infront of them. Remove the phones and people can still be absent from you, the atmosphere or the view as they churn past events over and over in their minds or anxiously worry about their future. My painting is a tongue in cheek representation of that, where the surfers are on their phones and unaware of the wave that will soon come to them and their absent mind, over into the sea.