January 26, 2020

Are they “Together Again”?

Josephine Moncur, 57

What happens when we die? A question, rhetorical in nature, yet one that the grieving ask daily. The inner wrangling of the mind, in a desperate search for a conclusion that will bring solace, torments so many of us. For the religious, who believe in God or Gods, the process may seem clear, though no less painful. For the non-religious,the path is somewhat ambiguous. John and Helen sang duets at their local every weekend, building a large following over the years. I remember their beautiful harmonies, and calls from the audience for their signature tune: “Together Again”. This song holds much poignancy for me, as it begs the question are they? An emotional search led me to create an image of the couple together in life, and in song, bringing with it some comfort and clarity of thoughts: Death takes with it the ability to make new memories, but it has no power to take away those we already have. The spirit of those we grieve is not buried or cremated, but lives on in us. As I share with you now an image, a memory and a belief, Mum and Dad live on for a new audience. “Together Again”!

"Together Again", 2020Graphite pencil on cartridge paper.350mmx250mm