July 23, 2020

Are these myself in paint?

Noah Park, 22

Dumbarton Rock, sits right at the end of my street. I see it every day. It’s ancient, it guards the Clyde like giant– a helluva neighbour: it guards me. A great, dark, looming friend. I used small and big brushes to get the textures, painted it at my art group, and it came out of head and my hand – Dumbarton rock, my home – myself? Haven’t been to art group since february. I miss the space I had there where I could let my mind go. I just let go with colour and thought and found myself in a playground or a kaleidoscope can you see my teddy, and who is that with the specs, watching? Me? where I will go what will I be., what’s outside the playground? I miss playing in paint it’s hard at home to set things up – the group was all ready for us: a space set up with friends and all the equipment I’m young like this horse running free. I would like to get out of my chair and run and taste the air. I put the brushes in the paint mix them thick, happy, young and free!

Are these myself in paint?, 2020Paint on canvas