September 10, 2021

Are the Essential Really Valued?

Jack MacGregor | Alina Ben Larbi, 23 | Bradley Reid, 25 | Luke Carmichael, 24

Short FilmChair Guy, 2021

We have spent the year celebrating the labour of essential workers. Language is used to praise them as “vital” and “heroic” – yet their pay is minimal, their conditions poor. In retail, many of these essential workers are young people, eager for something better in life but are stuck in low-pay, insecure work. Those involved in this production are all people effected by the pressures placed on retail and service based jobs. This film speaks to our shared struggle between balancing life with minimum wage work and the threat of unemployment. What is necessary is to take the rhetoric of the essential worker and turn it into action. To remember that every essential worker is a person who exists outside their job, with a right to a future, culture, financial security, and hope.