"Masks For A Face", 2021

Standards are everywhere.

They are important in our everyday life because they codify our tendencies to make us feel belonged to a community. What are they?

Just simple rules which shape our social framework. Standards of beauty are the well-defined and obvious ones around us. The cult of thinness for the haute couture catwalks or the trend of a pulpy body with an hourglass figure is greatly widespread on social media like Instagram.

These insane standards, which structure our modern perspectives of beauty, seem to be mostly achievable through photoshop or cosmetic surgery. Therefore, can we live together without them?

The following case gives one of the answers. At 14 years old, Ruby Williams was told by her head teacher that her Afro hair breached the school policy and was sent back home. By defining their policy on this standard, the school excluded every child born with this specific type of hair.

Consequently, we should not be ignorant of this, especially when we are among those favored by the standards. These behaviours are provoking pain and hatred by alimenting social rejections while we should not have to change ourselves to be together. Let’s embrace difference, it is our communities’ treasure.