November 17, 2020

Are Safety Issues Being Addressed Correctly?

Brian Whyte

A Smoke Alarm for Great Aunt Mavis, 2008

A Smoke Alarm for Great Aunt Mavis is an innovative means of getting fire safety messages across. A potentially serious situation is enacted in a humorous way, using rhyme to deliver the key points. However, on further reading, there is more to this than fire safety. It raises questions of communication, responsibility and issues regarding the protection of the vulnerable. So, although the main theme of fire safety is being addressed, other salient points are there for consideration. Issues for reflection include awareness of the needs of relatives and neighbours and how we can effectively address such matters. Communication means nothing if it is not a two way process. Therefore, our means of communication must be effective, whether that be written, visual, verbal or other medium. Perhaps a phone call may be appropriate, but how often should this be enhanced with face to face engagement? To avoid time delays, repetition and possible contradiction, we must ensure we seek help from appropriate people and places, and ascertain what professional assistance is available? Finally, responsibility for the vulnerable must be discussed and a suitable outcome achieved to ensure the safety of all our fellow citizens, whether they be relatives, friends or neighbours.