December 14, 2021

Are Pharmaceutical Companies Controlling Us?

Marie Henderson

Plastic SculptureOur World 2021, 20218 inches height & 12 inches diameter

Drugs- we are addicted to drugs. Every human takes some form at some point in their lives. Do we really always need them? Or are we just guinea pigs for the Elite rich business owners? Like sheep, we follow if we are told we need a drug to feel better / prevent disease. Why do we not question- or are we not allowed to by higher powers controlling us? Where will the future take us? Our children are being brought up believing popping a pill will make us feel better. Not always- suicide rates are soaring in the young and I believe popping a pill is not always the cure. Exercise, positivity, music, ART should be the cure to most anxieties. How much of the plastic produced today is produced by pharmaceutical companies? I still believe there is HOPE for a brighter future and humanity.