April 11, 2020

Are performative screen-prints possible?

Ayshia Taskin

Mixed-Media Screen-PrintThe Apocalypse Will Be Pretty, 2019(100 x 70 cm)

I’m an Intermedia artist who uses performance in my projects. I incorporate performance into my painting-like prints and by working with these combinations, produce performative screen-prints utilising my bodily senses. For this entry, I am submitting works from my series ‘The Apocalypse Will Be Pretty’ & ’10-Meter Screen-Prints’ (2019). The pieces use performative screen-printing and the work produced could be considered more as abstract acidic paintings rather than screen-prints. When making the artworks, I only create one unique narrative ‘print’. With this method, I aim to subvert the screen-printing approach through experimentation and using an empty screen where I slather it with colours that I viscerally mix. The process is tedious yet yields exciting results. When performing screen-printing, I’m, at the time of making my prints, in a liminal state of existing. Thinking and decision making takes me to a point where I become the screen, paint, paper and textures. Nothing else exists at that contemporaneous moment. When making the ‘Apocalypse Will Be Pretty,’ I wanted to show a sense of destructive vibrancy which overpowers the natural dark elements of destructive forces and my 10-meter prints, unseen laborious production. I want to make my screen-prints even more performative.