March 31, 2019

Are our feelings a dangerous poison for us?

Chocola Bizarre, 27

This is clearly a person, a girl, that just threw up her heart. Because it seems obvious that we all are quite upset and easily disturbed when it comes to feelings. We never ask for them. “You’ll see it’ll happen when you’ll expect it the least”. And we long for it. Until it comes again and we don’t know what to do, we’re scared to screw up and/or to be hurt again. Most of the time we wish it never happened, we hope for peace of mind. We are running after feelings and emotions until we catch them into our hands.
So in the end, what do we want? DO we want to be carried away from reality so we don’t have to work to make it change ourselves? Or do we all want to be in love with love, without being in touch with it at any cost? What if there was a way to balance feelings at the price of feeling it less intensely. Would we go for it? Would YOU go for it?


I am trying things. On different angles. English isn’t my main language though, makes it a challenge !