January 30, 2020

Are our deepest wounds self inflicted?

Gavin Young

Oil on woodNear Death Experience, 201951 x 31 cm

When people spout their intolerant opinions at you, do they think that they are going to change your own way of thinking, or is it a merely a frustrated attack because their deep-seated prejudices have no credence in the realities of everyday life? A real problem in dealing with the challenges of living is that we only see things from our own limited experiences. We become frustrated when others do not see our own “valid” point of view. Politics is one such fragment which keeps us polarised. Brexit is a case in point. We are witnessing the polarisation of our society which is creating only misery and uncertainty. When accosted by a fellow one day who, with alcohol on his breath, spouted aggressive hatred towards immigrants I felt like hitting him. Instead, I painted this picture. Although it was cathartic to express my disdain at his uninformed opinions, I wondered when he fell off his ladder would he mind if the surgeon who saved his life was a migrant?