January 31, 2020

Are Our Contemporary Mindsets on Diplomacy and Victory Moral?

Thomas McClure

The Way of World and War, 2020

In this era of warfare and politics, and in the past few months especially, our ideas of diplomacy and hostilities has become so tied up in business, jingoistic protectionism, sensationalism, and warmongering. Disguised behind the vague idea of the greater good, so many immoral and impractical philosophies have been allowed to spread and persist within our political cultures, leading us into less and less justified situations. The way the world is today is flawed, and it should not be accepted as is, as an inevitability. It is important that we examine the values our leaders hold, and how their values are presented to us through our media, and how we react to all of this. What is moral? And more importantly, how does one fight against that which is not moral? In certain places, there are select few who are behind the decisions that shape our world. When faced with the changing times, those with specific powers act to shape the world for the better, but each has their own perspective on what “better” truly means. The “way of what is” is broken, but we must also discuss what can be and what should be.