May 15, 2020

Are Old People Like Me No More than a Statistic?

Dorothy Tritschler, 63

Why is it that Old People like Annie in the portrait have been so abandoned by our society? What is it about being old that many of us seem to want to distance ourselves from? Don`t we all get old, that is, if we are lucky enough to live long enough? When we abandon the elderly, aren`t we also abandoning our grandparents, our parents, our future selves? Many of us rightly protested about environmental issues, particularly in the interests of future generations. Future generations will one day be elderly, and it is they who will have fought for changes, just like the elderly of today. Despite thousands of our elderly having needlesly died in care homes during the Covid-19 outbreak, no one has protested. Why is that? This oil painting will no doubt be overlooked by many because it is of an elderly person, painted by an elderly person. Why is that?

"Sorry Boris, I`m Still Alive & Kicking!", 2020Oil Painting24cms x 30 cms