January 28, 2019

Are hand skills a thing of the past?

Maddie Clark | Shirley McLauchlan, 57


Stitching Stories’ is a short documentary film which explores the work and inspirations of Shirley McLauchlan, a textile designer and lecturer at Edinburgh University School of Design. Shirley hand stitches fun, bright, bold designs for cushions, blankets and Christmas stockings, all produced using long-lasting sustainable materials. Technology is evolving constantly and altering the way people in the creative industries work. Shirley discusses her low-tech approach, her love of colour and pattern, and her idols: Zandra Rhodes and her mum, who taught her to sew. The film was shown at a conference at the University of Bolton, and received some lovely feedback from attendees. The appreciation for Shirley’s work goes to show that hand skills aren’t a dying practice, and need to be encouraged.