April 28, 2021

‘Are Children Safe On Social Media Platforms?’

Sabrina John

Script#YoungBoyFamous, 2021

Mental Health can be a fragile thing. It can take a lot of bad events happening to us that bring us to the edge. Sometimes only one thing triggers darkness and thoughts of suicide. If you find yourself in this state of thinking, it may be unthinkable that these feelings can go away or that there is people out there who can help. During this pandemic the suicide rate of young adults and teenagers increased massively. Living through it, I began to use TikTok as a distraction and soon was overwhelmed how much hate and harassment was happening on this platform. One day the arbitrary video presentation gave me a video where a young person vaguely said that she can’t believe that a boy did that. In the comments I found out that a young boy uploaded a photo of himself – naked. The comments were all rude and making fun of him. Some people were proud to have the photo and would pass it on to everyone who wants to see it. We are social animals. We should treat each other better than that and spread compassion and support, not hate. Treat people with kindness.