Video, Sound Design, and CompositionNoFree Apoidea - Are Bees Free?, 2021

I am a sound designer/composer/musician because I like to listen, and I listen because I want to learn. I use a microphone like a microscope to reveal connections, patterns, and narrative. I compose and perform with the sounds I collect so I can share those stories and bring attention to the detail. I was recording a visit to a Moor when a bee flew by and bumped into my microphone. Besides making a great sound, it started me thinking, Are bees free? You don’t really see the bee; it comes out of nowhere, and then goes back. So does the sound of the high-tension power lines overhead. There are other unheard and unseen hazards, poisons, and interference from our human activities. Easily disregarded by humans, but lethal to the environment. Are bees free? They are herded into hives, pollinate our world, inadvertently altered by chemicals, splattered by speeding windscreens. They are forced to change because humans change. Constant progression to everything new, better, and improved. We strive to satisfy our needs and desires, while addressing our fears.