Poetry in style of spoken wordCall Me By My Name, 2019

Asexuality is a sexual orientation corresponding to those who experience little or no sexual attraction. As a minority sexual orientation, asexuality is often forgotten about or ignored as part of the broader LGBTQ+ community.

By making available, a written piece of poetry on asexuality, my hope is for it to spark discussions on sexual and romantic orientations and for those who have never before had the terminology, to feel less alone. It is specifically dedicated to those who do not feel safe to “come out”.

When I wrote this, I was thinking about how aces (asexual people), self-identify and re-identify. How labels can be incredibly soothing for some and yet a burden to others. There is an element of wishing the outside world to be more understanding that aces are not made equal. I wanted to get across that no matter how we identify and/or the internal conflict experienced, we are a supportive community. Hence, the line “…but always purple…” where the colour purple represents community on the asexual pride flag.

I submit this on the first day of Asexual Awareness 2019 which runs 20th-26th October this year.