October 31, 2018

Are artists always messy?

Gabriel Morantin


‘Your studio is so messy?! Oh yeah, you’re an artist!’

Does being an artist justify being messy? Definitely not.

The artist’s studio is usually messy because it reflects the artist’s state of mind.

The artist is perceptive and sensitive. He observes and absorbs senses in a disorderly way and that is why his brain is almost overflowing. And from what the artist observes starts creativity.

Creativity is not chaos. In fact, the creative process asks a high level of concentration, exactitude and ability.

But nowadays, artists, or most people who call themselves ‘artists’, often confuse creativity and disorder. Such people wallow in their physical and psychological mess instead of focusing on the evident artist’s mission.

Indeed, artists have the mission of expressing their own understanding of the world through different medias. This task is laborious and serious and needs the biggest clarity in the artist’s mind.


Oil on canvas, approx 1,20x1m